Teaching Philosophy

Did I ever think that I would be a teacher? Probably not, and in fact that knowledge would have changed the way that I view teaching and learning. In school, I was able to figure out the game. By that I mean I knew the exact protocol that would allow me to get good grades without having to work hard. I wrote down what my teachers told me and found creative ways to say it back to them. This construct ultimately made it very easy to not really learn anything. As I look back on my school experience from an instructors perspective, I am very sure this is not the environment that cultivates anything of value.

With that being said, my instructional approach is less of an instructor and more of a creator of opportunities. In the most sincerest way, I feel that telling a student something is essentially stealing the opportunity for them to discover it on their own. However, this isn’t a wild goose chase for information. I take very careful and pragmatic steps to ensure that students are immersed in a rigorous, yet supportive, atmosphere where they can begin to understand the process of learning so that it will become more than a school based skill.



Gifted & Talented Instruction Certificate (2014)
Greenville, NC
Focus: Differentiated Instruction

Teaching and Instruction Certification (2010)
University Park, PA
Focus: Experience Based Science Instruction

Bachelor of Science (2009)
Wilkes Barre, PA
Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry


Work Experience

The Colorado Springs School
Colorado Springs, CO
Middle/High School Math, Science, and Computer Science Teacher
​Digital Integration Lead
2015 – Present

La Grange Elementary School
La Grange, NC
Digital Learning Specialist
2014 – 2105

North Lenoir High School
La Grange, NC
AP Biology and Biology Teacher
2011 – 2014