October 19, 2017

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I have a passion for helping other teachers find the value in authentic learning structures that has changed the way that my classroom runs. If you, your school, or organization would like me to share my experiences, please reach out to me via email, twitter, or through the general inquiry form at the bottom of this page.


Below you will find links to presentations I have given at district, local, and state conferences and professional development institutes. These presentations vary from conceptuation discussions regarding pedagogy to direct resources that are classroom ready. If interested in further discussion, please reach out to me via email, twitter, or through the general inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Get Your Gamification Face On

Time to be A Genius – Genius Hour and 20% Time

Moving forward with the SAMR Model

Digital Differentiation – An Unexpected Journey


The topics below are current projects or future topics of study that I plan to use in my classroom. Please refer to each description for details regarding the purpose and structure of the project. For further details, please reach out to me via email, twitter, or through the general inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Python Programming Skills and Program Challenges – Each student at the middle school level is learning the programming language Python. I have create instructional videos and programming challenges to guide students through the process of gaining skills so that as they move onto high school they will be prepared for our Introduction to Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles courses.

Gamification Instructional Templates – Gamification is an asynchronous learning structure I implemented a few times with great success. It allowed a more efficient classroom with incredibly timely and individualized feedback for students. The templates I used were a fusion of flipped instruction and project based application of topics learned for the purposes of choice, further research, and transfer of knowledge.

3D Modeling Unit – Across all middle school and high school grade levels, I have run week to two week courses that focus on the acquisition and application of skills associate with 3D Modeling. Using programs such as Sketchup and SolidWorks, students have been able to create products for 3D printing in our Innovation Lab, or export the models of buildings to Google Earth as a method of proposing new structures to building developments.

Project Based Learning – Whether as a stand alone endeavor or coupled with a larger unit of study, PBL has been a core component of my class regardless of the content of the course. This student selected instructional method always brings the creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking back to any subject. I have created projects for middle school Physical Science and Earth and Space Science, as well as for high school chemistry, biology, AP biology, and computer science courses.

ED in 3D (Blog Series Coming Soon) – A new and exciting experience will be the integration of our schools new HTC Vive VR equipment, coupled with Googles Blocks and Tilt Brush, as well as a push for use of Google Expeditions. While lessons and units are not created for these pieces of equipment, I will be sharing my journey of creating content and student experiences on this blog.


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